Delapiel Ampoules Marine Active Moments 4% Triple Acci 15x2ml


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FLASH DELAPIEL ampoules at PH 5.5 are called MOMENTS and can be used every day. Of course, 0% perfume or its allergens.
How to apply it?
With clean skin, pour the contents of the blister into the palm of your hand and apply it on the face, before any other cosmetic product.
You can use them daily to fix and enhance the effects of your makeup or simply to give a more vital appearance to your skin naturally.
How often can I use it?
Everyday. You can enter it as part of your daily beauty routine. Its natural composition 0% perfume to avoid allergens, make it the first flash ampoules for daily use.
A summary of the assets that make up the MOMENTS DELAPIEL formula
These extracts are exopolysaccharides produced by marine plankton, in order to protect themselves. It acts by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, producing a tensor effect of the network of collagen fibers that are visualized in an immediate tensor effect.
Wheat proteins reinforce the tensor effect of marine extracts. They remain on the surface of the stratum corneum and form a film that reduces the loss of transepidermal water. Visibly improve the signs of age and fatigue, providing a firming and anti-wrinkle action.
It is an asset obtained from a purified carob extract. Rich in amino acids and peptides, its mechanism of action focuses on the control of water channels present in tissues. It intervenes in key molecules such as hyaluronic acid, aquaporins or filaggrin, managing to maintain the skin's natural hydration. In addition, it improves luminosity and prevents premature aging.
It is characterized by its film-forming ability, developing a superficial moisturizing action and contributing to improve the appearance of the skin. Creates a film that retains water, providing unique characteristics of natural protection, and is also permeable and allows the skin to breathe.

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Caractéristiques du produit:
- Visage: Hydratation, Anti-âge, Anti-rides, Ampoules
- Type de peau: Tous types de peau

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